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1.25″ • 1.5″ • 1.75″ •  2.25″ • 3″ and 2″ square • 1.75″ x 2.75″ Rectangular Buttons

If you’d like to have us use artwork you have, or will produce, please read the following Button design specifications carefully.
By doing so, you will learn how to properly set-up and size your Button Design.
Please note: The only guide you will be saving for your project is the Cut Guide

Accepted File Formats

Adobe Illustrator, CorelDraw, Adobe PhotoShop, Adobe Indesign, Adobe Acrobat
Note: Please do not compress Adobe Illustrator file when saving.

Sending Clip-art, Logos, or Photos

If you have clip-art, a logo, or photo you would like us to use, please send it via email,
as a high-resolution file preferably at 300 dpi or better.

Set-up Dimensions for Artwork & PDF Templates

BD125_RDTemplate    1.25″ Button Specifications
image area = 1.156″     background Bleed area = 1.5″     cut line = 1.63″

BD150_RDTemplate   1.50″ Button Specifications
image area = 1.375″     background Bleed area = 1.63″     cut line = 1.837″

BD175_RDTemplate  1.75″ Button Specifications
image area = 1.50″      background Bleed area = 1.875″     cut line = 2.088″

BD175x275_HTemplate   1.75″ x 2.75″  Rectangular Button Specifications
image area = 2.6″ x 1.6″    background Bleed area = 3.08″ x 2.135″     cut line = 3.328″ x 2.39″

BD2_SquareTemplate   2″ Square Button Specifications
image area = 1.75″      background Bleed area = 2.40″     cut line = 2.717″

BD225_RDTemplate   2.25″ Button Specifications
image area = 2.063″      background Bleed area = 2.45″     cut line = 2.625″

BD3_RDTemplate    3″ Button Specifications
image area = 2.875″      background Bleed area = 3.25″      cut line = 3.435″

Properly Sizing Your Artwork

For specifics on how to properly size the artwork for your button, please look at the table above and find the button size you wish to have made.
Underneath each button size you will see three dimensions… image area, background color, and cut line.
Below you will find a description of what these terms mean.

Image Area

Sometimes called the “live area”, this is the area in which text and graphics need to be contained.
Doing so will keep your text and graphic images from getting too close to the edge of your button and possibly going over the side.

Background Bleed Area

If you’d like your button design to have a colored background or a bleed, as it is sometimes called, use this figure to properly size the background color.

Cut Line

We use the cut line to accurately cut your artwork.
It helps us to make certain that your artwork is properly centered on your button.
We prefer the cut line to be a 1 point black line.