IwoJimaThe Power of these Simple Buttons

This Simple IWO JIMA – Memorial Monument Benefactor Button was designed in 1995 by Normand Lariviere, Owner of Button Deals, previously known as VOGUE Computer Graphics.

Well over 15,000 of these custom buttons were sold.

Why where these Custom Buttons so Powerful?

These simple custom buttons was designed to help raise money to construct the now standing IWO JIMA Monument in New Britain, CT. Simply by donating a single dollar, they received (1) IWO JIMA Button. They proudly wore this pin-back button knowing they were a part of history in the making and showed their support for our Veterans and Troops.

View the completed IWO JIMA Monument here:  IWO JIMA MONUMENT After viewing the actual monument press the BACKSPACE KEY to return to Button Deals

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